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Revised Child Immunization 2014 | EPI Philippines

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  • Only the BCG immunization is given at birth
  • Maternity Clinics and Other Hospital Levels, Public or Private, are to advise new mothers about FREE BCG Immunization on the Next Wednesday at local health centers
    • The BCG vaccine is the entrant to the Expanded Programme on Immunization for all the newborn
  • Although some private clinics and hospitals may still follow guidelines based on their practice
    • They are not prohibited to do so
    • BCG is usually combined with Hepatitis B at birth and both are usually NOT FREE
    • Consent is asked prior to vaccination
    • If the parents would like to enrol their babies in the future in the government's EPI program, they may do so, provided that documentation of all vaccines given are given to their respective health centers

6 Weeks

  • A Pentavalent Vaccine is given (Penta1)
    • This covers
      • Diptheria
      • Pertussis
      • Tetanus
      • Haemophilus influenza B
      • Hepatitis B
    • The program is new and is subject to constraints in supply and logistics but wherever appropriate, vaccines are given according to this schedule
    • There may be delays so an allowance of ± 2months with 4 months apart per vaccine dose may still be in sync with the EPI schedule.
  • An Oral Polio Vaccine is given (OPV1)

10 Weeks

  • Penta2
  • OPV2
  • Remember that doses for vaccines must be 4 weeks apart

14 weeks

  • Penta3
  • OPV3
  • Additional doses for Pentavalent and OPV are subject to the community's needs (e.g. in an epidemic) and is assessed by the barangay doctor or city health officer

9 months

12-15 months

  • An MMR dose is given

Additional Doses

Only the Immunization Schedule above is Part of the Current 2014 Routine Immunization Schedule in EPI Philippines.
  • The child may be vaccinated from other diseases that is not part of the EPI
  • Only those part of the EPI are free
    • If parents choose other vaccines outside the EPI, the Department of Health will not subsidize them as of yet.
    • There are plans to incorporate other vaccines but they are still subjected for approval
There are areas in the country where there is strong resistance to vaccination and also those who have little or no knowledge about EPI.
  • These hard to reach areas are targeted by supplemental vaccination schedules and may include those children already part of the routine EPI
    • Catch-up Campaigns
    • Door-To-Door Vaccinations
    • Mop-up Strategies
Outbreaks are also a time to manage diseases via supplemental vaccination.

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