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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Arthropods as Pest | VBD

This is a short article explaining why arthropods are pests.

Vector-Borne Diseases: Definition and Clinical Importance of Arthropods | Vector-Borne Diseases: Medical Entomology versus Medical Arthropodology | How Is Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue Infection Prevented?

What are Pests? A definition.

Pests are any destructive or unwanted arthropod or other small animal (rats-mice) that causes annoyance, discomfort, or nuisance to humans or animals.

Example of arthropods as pests

Houseflies and cockroaches are the most popular among the insect pests inside and outside human dwellings.
  • They externally carry on their bodies, pathogenic agents that cause human disease,
Mosquitoes bite humans and their bites can be highly irritating and allergenic.

Arthropods | Definition | Clinical Importance | VBD

This article is about the meaning of the word "arthropod" and why its clinical importance in Public Health.

Vector-Borne Diseases: Medical Entomology and Arthropodology | How is Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya Infection Prevented? | Full Diagram of the Revised Dengue Clinical Case Management Guidelines

Arthropods - Definition


"Arthro" means jointed; "poda" means legs


These are insects (hexapods), spiders, arachnids, crustaceans, centipedes, and millipedes.
  • All of these are invertebrate animals (no vertebral column/ no backbone), with an outer skeleton that is toughened by a substance called chitin.
  • Arthropods are classified under Phylum Arthropoda which has five important classes of medical importance.
    • Class Insecta, is the most important class wherein mosquitoes belong.
  • Arthropods are classified according to their major body divisions and appendages.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Medical Entomology and Medical Arthropodology | VBD

This article defines what is Medical Entomology and Medical Arthropodology. The definition is related to the management of vector-borne diseases.

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Medical Entomology - Definition

Medical Entomology is the science which deals with the relation of insects, arachnids and other arthropods to the causation of pathological conditions in man or the transmission of pathogens that are responsible for such pathological conditions,

  • This is the science which deals with arthropods affecting human health or the study of arthropods of medical and public health importance.
  • The term "Medical Entomology" must eventually be replaced by "Medical Arthropodology" because the term "arthropodology" includes non-insects.

Medical Arthropodology - Definition

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How is Zika, Chikungunya & Dengue Infection Prevented?

DOH: Poor Philippine Provinces Prone to Disasters | DOH: Critical Inteventions with Great Improvements in Health Outcomes | Secretary Janette P. Loreto-Garin

Search and Destroy

  • Cover the drums, pails, and other waste containers at all times
  • Clean and replace the water in flower vases once a week
  • Cover the holes around the house with soil and sand
  • Remove or pierce old tires that are being used as roof support, also those tires placed around the house that might hold water
  • Flip-over empty bottles, jars, tin cans and other items that can collect and hold water
  • Clean and remove water on dish racks and other household items that can hold water

Self-protection Measures

  • Use mosquito repellants to avoid mosquito bites
  • Use mosquito nets when sleeping at daytime
  • Wear long sleeves or clothes that will protect your skin from mosquito bites

Poor Philippine Provinces Prone to Disasters | DOH

Critical Interventions with Great Improvements in Health Outcomes | Secretary Janette P. Loreto-Garin | DOH: Attaining the MDGs through Hi-5

Rio Magpantay MD named three categories to identify what provinces should be prioritized to know what should be the focused critical interventions:

Category 1: Provinces with High Poverty Magnitude

  • Provinces where opportunities for growth may be present but the poor are unable to participate in the growth process; the list shows provinces with the biggest number of poor families:

Region 1: Pangasinan
Region 4A: Quezon
Region 5: Camarines Sur
Region 6: Negros Occidental
Region 6: Iloilo
Region 7: Cebu
Region 8: Leyte
Region 9: Zamboanga Del Sur
Region 11: Davao Del Sur
ARMM: Sulu